Shopify Unite 2019: Customizable Shopify Checkout, Page Sections, Fulfillment Network, and More!

2019 Shopify Unite Announcements:
Shopify announced some awesome new features merchants can begin taking advantage of last week at Shopify Unite 2019 in Toronto. The new features allow you to have reusable content on your CMS pages and portability of apps and settings across Shopify theme changes and theme upgrades along the way. Additionally, Shopify announced the ability to have more control over the Shopify checkout system which in the past has been long promised and awaited by Shopify merchants.

Page Sections
Shopify merchants can configure reusable sections of content and freely choose where it appears. This is known as sections and in the past has only existed for the Shopify templates homepage. With this new change, it is available on all CMS pages like the Shopify theme’s about us or contact us pages.

Shopify is a great platform that empowers merchants to manage their stores independently of third-party services if they choose. These new changes we believe support that brand mission by giving the merchants more power.

Shopify Fulfillment Network
Beyond themes, Shopify made another major announcement to the Shopify Fulfillment Network which will be a third party logistics service offered to Shopify merchants and allowing them to further streamline their order fulfillment. Shopify says they will handle fulfillment, returns, and even packaging.