How to use Facebook Blueprint to run ads for your Shopify store

If you are just getting started out or a seasoned digital marketer Facebook Ads is a very complex system to newcomers. To combat this learning curve to Facebook Ads, Facebook has created Facebook Blueprint. The Facebook Blueprint includes a full guide to every aspect of the Facebook Business and Facebook Ads platforms. Below is a list of some of the things you can learn from the Facebook Blueprint and how you can apply it to marketing your Shopify store with effective Facebook ads.

Setting up Shopify and connecting your Facebook Sales Channel

Before you dive into the world of Facebook marketing on Shopify. You will need to set up your sales channel for Facebook. Here is a great guide on how to connect your Shopify store to Facebook so be sure to go through that first before beginning the Facebook Blueprint courses.

Each course will teach you how to accomplish a specific task within Facebook and Facebook Business.

Understanding the anatomy of Facebook Ads and how to use them in your Shopify store

After you have got your feet wet with Facebook Ads basics you may want to learn more about the specific facets of digital marketing on Facebook. We recommend heading over the Ads section of Facebook Business to learn more about how ads work, how to apply them to an audience, and how to optimize your creative and market your Shopify store on Facebook effectively. You can learn more here.

Once you feel comfortable with running ads, have set a budget, made your creatives, and identified your target audience it’s good to start small and scale your ads overtime. The data you gather during the first runs of your first ad sets will allow you to scale your digital marketing up gradually with insight into which creative works and which formats are the best.