How this Shopify Plus expert is using AI to shape marketing forever

We recently interviewed Tim Matheson CEO of Kamari Labs and a veteran Shopify Plus expert located in Los Angeles, CA.

Hey Tim, so tell us about Kamari Labs and how you got started.

I am a software engineer by trade. I created one of the worlds largest shipping and logistics platform which later was acquired by
After selling my stake in my first company I knew I wanted to tackle e-commerce in other areas of the industry.

Overall I liked solving complex problems and e-commerce presented a fair share of them. So it was a good fit. So in 2009 Kamari Labs opened its doors to Shopify merchants.

I already had a standing relationship with Shopify and the founders. At the time they were in the infancy of their business with just 5000 merchants so there was no guarantee there would be an opportunity for us to make an impact.

Shopify quickly grew however under the guidance of Shopify CEO and my longtime acquaintance Tobias L├╝tke. Today we employ 12 full-time team members including myself and our revenue for 2018 was $3m+. We are very fortunate to have grown with Shopify. We now service over 3000+ clients on seven continents.

Interesting… You have had quite the journey. Tell us about your mission and direction for the company moving forward.

Kamari Labs is making marketing smarter and more efficient with top-tier software developments and the latest machine learning technology. Our goal is to allow our clients to automate marketing, social media, and email campaigns in a single solution.

We are really excited to bring this to market. Our clients need insight and the absence of clear verticals and metrics which actually direct marketing decisions is unacceptable. The bottom line is marketing costs money and if we can make it more efficient for clients we have added value and that’s our true mission with this new technology.

So when do you expect it will be ready to go live?

We are anticipating a August 2019 launch but I can’t say for sure. We are testing our algorithm with a few select clients to gauge if it’s ready for scale or not. We will announce the official launch on our twitter @KamariLabs

Well, Tim, it was great spending some time with you and your company. Thank you for the interview and let’s talk again after your product launch later this summer.

Sounds great, we’re anxiously awaiting it as well.