Multiple Discount Codes in Shopify

Have you ever wanted to use multiple discount codes in your Shopify checkout? If so you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of Shopify store merchants have looked for solutions to use multiple discount codes in the Shopify checkout with little success.

So why can’t I use multiple discount codes with Shopify?

The reasons for this are not malicious in intent on the part of Shopify however. Shopify is trying to provide the best checkout experience as possible. Allowing a feature as small as using multiple discounts in a single checkout could impede on their sole mission as an e-commerce platform.

Consider this scenario, you have a customer with items in their cart and ready to make a purchase. You just ran an online promotion offering several overlapping discount codes. You could potentially lose a great deal of money if this sort of feature was enabled. The fact is most shopping systems don’t allow this type of function in their checkout. Even brick and mortar stores have restrictions on using multiple coupons in a single checkout.

Why Shopify merchants need multiple discounts in the first place

The primary reasons Shopify merchants are requesting the feature is due to the nature of how e-commerce stores work in general. Most Shopify stores implement a drip marketing funnel system which is a very common online marketing system. With a drip marketing funnel, the Shopify merchant incentivizes up-sells with tiny promotions as the order grows larger. This form of e-commerce marketing is not exclusive to just Shopify however. It is widely used in large retail brands click and mortar stores. This makes it a highly adopted model by e-commerce stores in general. With the current Shopify discount code rules, it’s difficult to implement, however.

How to eliminate the need for multiple discount codes in Shopify

The problem with the Shopify discount system which created the market for multiple discount codes is the lack of the store’s ability to combine promotions like FREE Shipping + 20% OFF. With the current system, you can offer one or the other but not both. Now I am sure the Shopify Engineers are hard at work to bring this solution to fruition, however, there are a few apps to solve this problem for you in the Shopify app store (I won’t name any in this article but you can check them out here).