Shopify Restricted & Prohibited Items

Shopify is a great platform for the novice e-commerce merchant to the tech-savvy entrepreneur. However, as with any awesome service, it comes with some fine print. It is important to understand that not all items can be sold on Shopify. Some items may be illegal, others may be in a gray area, and some outright immoral or spammy. If you are not sure if Shopify Payments will work for you, you can check out this Shopify page which will help you decide.

Which items will be restricted for you depends on which country you are planning to run your store from. Have a read on the acceptable use policy for details on specific country restrictions for Shopify Payments.

Some of the items that are prohibited by Shopify and Shopify Payments are pretty obvious candidates. Here are just a few of the items disallowed by Shopify.

  • Bump stocks
  • Grenade or rocket launchers
  • 3D Printed Weapons
  • Machine Guns & more

Most of the items are based around firearm and weapon related items. It is important to note that the restricted items list is merely an extension of the Shopify Acceptable Use Policy.

Shopify has posted an official list of Shopify restricted items that can not be sold using their payment gateway (Shopify Payments). This doesn’t mean you can’t use Shopify. Depending on what you sell you may be able to find a payment provider which will offer you service for a comparable if not a comensurate fee of Shopify Payments. Shopify has also listed all payment gateway providers which they have integrated with. You can find that list here.