Shopify announces a new brand campaign for 2019

Shopify announced a new branding campaign scheduled for mid-July of 2019. The “Let’s make you a business” branding campaign hopes to attract the next wave of online entrepreneurs and introduce them to the Shopify platform. You can also check out the investor white paper explaining the campaign details in a more detailed format.

Shopify has already seen some tremendous growth in the wake of their IPO back in 2015 which valued the e-commerce giant at 1.3 billion dollars.

Founder Tobi L├╝tke @tobi explains on his podcast his humble beginnings and the path from snowboard shop to billion dollar company in his podcast over on Tim Ferris’s website.

Shopify is currently rolling out some amazing features for both developers and store owners for 2019. This is definitely going to be a game-changing year for the platform.